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Warmer weather on tap for Southern California after weekend of storms

As the sun began to set on Sunday under a cloudy sky, the temperature climbed into the 80s.

The hot weather, caused by a tropical storm in the northern Pacific, made for a particularly sultry atmosphere during a long stretch of the day.

A second storm system was spotted over the Bay Area on Monday morning. That storm had the best chance of being named, but the clouds in the area did not clear the skies enough to provide any clues.

Rain fell all day Monday in Southern California, although it was mostly in the form of the driest fall, leaving behind a few showers and a few spotty thunderstorms in the evening.

For the most part, it was an uneventful day, making for a pleasant Saturday night, but a bit cooler Sunday.

The storms Sunday did not leave much in the way of damage, although they did create a few inconveniences for motorists. In the morning, a power line fell across Interstate 5 near the town of Santa Anita, causing at least one car to catch up with it. It was also a major cause of a morning traffic mess as a large tractor trailer truck tried to avoid a traffic jam and ended up crashing head-on with a semi.

A section of Interstate 5 in the City of Industry, near Loma Prieta, was closed for hours after a section of a power line fell onto the median, causing a pileup in heavy traffic.

There were also reports of problems with the power grid in the Santa Barbara area, with power outages from the Santa Ana windstorms.

In Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power restored power to more than 1 million customers in an hour on Monday.

“We know that people are angry. We know there are a lot of repairs necessary,” Mark Hogan, chief executive officer of the DWP said in a press briefing. “But we’re getting that repaired and we hope we have power for people again.”

Hogan said it wasn’t clear if the repairs would be complete by the

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