The Minimum Wage Should Be Raised to $20

US extends COVID public health emergency weeks after Biden declared pandemic ‘over’ MORE and his Democratic colleagues are pushing a new proposal to raise the minimum wage.

The proposal would increase the minimum wage nationally by 5 percent, to $15 per hour.

It is an effort at political symbolism. But its proponents say it would have a real impact on the lives of millions of people in the U.S.

“The minimum wage is the lowest you can get without being a migrant and getting put in a field, or working in a sweatshop. And it’s been that way for as long as I’ve been out,” said Republican Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan.


“It’s been that way in many places in the United States, but we’re changing that. And this is a big issue for working people,” he added.

Amash said the minimum wage needs to be raised to $20.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Nancy PelosiHoyer: House should vote on COVID-19 aid — with or without a bipartisan deal Ruth Bader Ginsburg lies in repose at Supreme Court McCarthy threatens motion to oust Pelosi if she moves forward with impeachment MORE (D-Calif.) and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer Chuck SchumerCruz blocks amended resolution honoring Ginsburg over language about her dying wish Senate Democrats introduce legislation to probe politicization of pandemic response Schumer interrupted during live briefing by heckler: ‘Stop lying to the people’ MORE (D-N.Y.) have introduced legislation to increase the minimum wage as well.

Both sides of the aisle agree that raising the minimum wage is vital to the working class.

President Trump Donald John TrumpOmar fires back at Trump over rally remarks: ‘This is my country’ Pelosi: Trump hurrying to fill SCOTUS seat so he can repeal ObamaCare Trump mocks Biden appearance, mask use ahead of first debate MORE wants it done for political reasons.

Republican leaders are supporting the president’s push despite his failure to sign any legislation

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