The Royal Family is a selfie of a member of the royal family

Meghan Markle envied Paris Hilton? Apparently so — and here’s how she got over it.

On Wednesday morning, the British Royal Family, having just endured the worst royal wedding in living memory at Windsor Castle, found themselves the subjects of a new viral phenomenon: a selfie of a British royal family member doing something they wished they could have done.

Prince William, who is third in line to the throne but in no way a member of the royal family, was snapped walking the aisle as the newly appointed Queen’s mother, the Queen Mother, looked on in pride. (The Queen, with whom Prince Harry is famously cordial, is wearing her crown and wearing her wedding band. That’s how they do in Britain, and even if the Queen’s son James is not the heir to the throne, he’s certainly welcome to wear his parents’ wedding band.)

Then came Prince Harry’s walk, which took place at the wedding of Prince Harry, Duke of York, to Meghan Markle, the American-born American actress who is currently single, but with a new prince, a prince in waiting and a prince in waiting’s bride. Meghan was joined by her father, Thomas Markle, her mother, Doria Ragland Markson and her brother, Thomas Markle, Duke of Londonderry, who is her closest blood relative.

After Meghan walked the few steps to the front of the church, there was a spontaneous round of applause from several other members of the Royal Family as they approached. The Queen mother, standing with her arm around Prince William, smiled broadly and patted the Duke of Clarence on the back. The Duke of York was not there, but Harry, who was the one who had told his mother that Meghan “would be great” for him, did make sure to acknowledge her: “Lovely to see you.”

The next day, the Queen Mother’s Royal Foundation posted a photo of the two on Instagram to announce that Prince Harry was the Prince of Wales, and Meghan was the Duchess of Sussex. This was a happy coincidence, as the royals had been considering

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