Oscar Isaac’s “Being Mortal” Interview With Bill Murray

Solange adds to the discourse surrounding Bill Murray amid ‘Being Mortal’ scandal.

Oscar Isaac has joined the conversation surrounding the current state of Bill Murray and is attempting to draw out the celebrity’s side on his long-overdue interview for “Being Mortal.”

“He’d want to talk about stuff like how he really feels, that he really regrets stuff,” Isaac said on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “And he’d say things like, ‘There’s a time and a place for you to do certain things, but you also understand that there are things in life that you’ve gotta live with. Things like death.’”

The talk turned to Murray when Kimmel pressed Isaac to talk about the current scandal surrounding Murray’s “Beers With Bill” appearance on “Saturday Night Live.”

“I had to go back and look at the video. I had to go back and look up, like, what was going on with that,” Isaac explained. “I asked my mom and my sister, and they said, ‘How can you not get it?’ And I said, ‘Don’t you see? It’s like Bill Murray. You’re just not ready for him right now.’”

“My mom said, ‘There’s nothing wrong with him. He’s a good guy.’”

The “Sleeping Beauty” star then pointed out that the recent scandals surrounding Murray, his appearance on “SNL,” and his role in the film “Rush Hour” are proof of his good nature and how he’s been able to bounce back from his past.

“I guess that’s because you can have an opinion, and you can be an opinionated individual at the same time,” Isaac said. “So that’s why Bill is such

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