Kate Middleton and Kate Middleton share first memories of the Queen

Meghan Markle mourns the late Queen in new interview, reveals she shared ‘a nice warmth with the matriarch’

The Duchess of Sussex’s first look at the Queen made a lasting impression on one of the most decorated members of the British royal family, Kate Middleton.

The pair attended the first state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II together on Saturday, as the rest of Europe was marking the end of World War One at Britain’s 1918 Armistice Day ceremony.

And they were pictured together at the funeral, wearing matching cream suits and a “honeyed patina” of life and loss which made their faces appear older.

Kate, who is now engaged to Prince Harry, told the BBC’s “Week in Westminster” interview that she felt “a real bond” with Her Majesty, describing her as a “nice warmth” in a conversation about whether she had ever felt sadness at the passing of monarchs before.

Asked about how royal mourning worked, Markle said: “We were all in tears. It was just, I mean the women were in tears — because the Queen was my mother — and the men were in tears, because they were all men.

“It was just a very, I mean it was more of a shared love and I enjoyed every part of that day. And afterwards, I went through the whole thing again, of course.”

The Duchess, who is expecting her first child in the spring, also shared her first memories of her late mother, the Queen Mother, in her interview.

She told the BBC it was “really hard” when the former monarch died, but said she would “never forget” how “heart wrenching” her death was.

“She didn’t really die, she was in a coma and she wasn’t conscious, she was in a very deep sleep,” she said.

“The doctors were able to resuscitate her and she’s still in a coma and she’s having a long recovery, but she’s doing great.”

She said the “most amazing memories” were of her visits to her mother, who was a “really kind presence” despite giving birth to seven children.

She said she and Prince Harry “

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