Kanye West is Running Out of Platforms

Kanye West Is Running Out of Platforms and Self-Care

The man who made his name in the Bush era, now is in the midst of a campaign for the White House.

It’s been a rough year for Kanye West, and he’s the type of public figure who probably could have done without the fame that resulted from all of us reading his tweets. But he kept going, anyway. The year was full of highs–the release of his self-titled album, which was a certified platinum-plus debut that became one of the best summer albums of all time (despite the inevitable backlash); his marriage to Kim Kardashian—who wore a $2,000 wedding ring that cost her a lot more than $2,000 on Twitter, but who made up for it in the album’s accompanying music video and on the cover of magazine’s V Magazine. The year was also full of lows and, well, the election of Donald Trump. We’re not here to rehash all of the reasons why this presidency has gone so bad—Trump is a narcissist who has a long history of mental instability, and the economy has been in decline since he took office, with no end in sight. Yes, we will discuss how Kim Kardashian’s public image might have been better if we didn’t have to sit through all of her crying, but that’s for another day.

But Kanye’s presidential campaign is the type of campaign that is easy to do in the public eye, or at least it was. He wasn’t out there taking the news on, going viral all over the place, constantly making headlines, and trying to get as much coverage as possible. He’s an outspoken artist (I’m not just talking about the music—even though Kanye West has released a lot of music over the years), and it was a public service that made him more public in the eyes of the public than Kanye West. And so, Kanye has an opportunity that no other artist has had. After the initial success of his campaign, he took it upon himself to give people even more of a platform than before.

And Kanye, who has been on the campaign trail almost daily since October, is running out of platforms. It seems like Kanye has a million songs he can

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