Red Bull Racing take first out of ten teams during pre-season test at Valencia

Christian Horner: Red Bull aren’t the favorites for F1 title

Christian Horner’s Red Bull Racing took first out of a field of ten teams during the pre-season test at Valencia this week, but the team is not regarded as a favourite to win the F1 title.

Christian Horner’s Red Bull Racing team were on track for a positive pre-season test this week at Valencia, but were unable to take a convincing victory.

While the team is not widely regarded as favourites to take the title, it has a strong chance of taking pole position and it should not be discounted as a challenger for the championship.

In the first session on Thursday, the Red Bull cars showed excellent pace, finishing in the top 10 for the session, while both Toro Rosso cars were struggling with reliability problems.

There is a growing belief that the Mercedes squad may be the strongest team in terms of pace but Red Bull are strong too.

Their success in recent years has been attributed to their performance in the early part of the season when the competition was not running at its peak.

With the team now more focused on the back end of the season with the addition of Sebastian Vettel and the decision to skip the Monaco Grand Prix to focus on the final five races, there is a growing belief that Red Bull are now capable of winning an F1 title in the middle of the season.

“In terms of where we are on the radar when looking at the team, it’s quite tight,” Horner told “There are a few teams who have scored more than our best, but a lot of people have scored less, and we’ve scored less.

“But Red Bull are clearly in a position where they should be the frontrunner, and if you look at their success and how consistently they’ve beaten all the opposition, they deserve that.

“We’ve got a team in place that’s capable of getting us back to that level, and I’m really looking forward to next year. We’ve got the potential to be number one.”

I think they’ve got the potential to be more than that. There are always things they have to do, such as improve reliability or get a few more people to a level where they can close up that gap with the

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