The New Orleans Pelicans Are Getting Worse

NBA Season Preview: The Nets and the Lakers Are the Wild Cards

The New Orleans Pelicans have looked lost in their current stretch.

What happened?

It looks like a bad situation might be on the verge of getting worse.

The Pelicans are 6-23, the team they were supposed to be a year ago has regressed significantly, the team that took them to the Eastern Conference Finals last season has now gone four games without a win, its best player is on the sidelines with a sore knee, the coach in charge of the team that made them relevant seems to be struggling at the worst possible time, and the team’s best player is suffering from an injury that’s seemingly going to keep him out until the trade deadline.

The Pelicans are currently going through a stretch where their first 25 games of the season are going to be against teams who have a combined record of 57-61, their first two games will be against LeBron James’s Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls, and their first three games of the season are against the Boston Celtics, the team that made them relevant, and the team that helped them find their identity last season.

They won’t beat these teams at home. They rarely beat the Celtics in Boston. And they won’t beat them in New Orleans.

“I hope,” George never said, but it’s pretty clear he hopes he isn’t playing in a game with LeBron. And he doesn’t want to have to have to make the choice to play the game with LeBron or to be the one that says you can’t play.

Even if he’s playing for the New Orleans Pelicans, which he’s not. The only reason why he is on this team despite never having played with them is because the team he loved before he came to Boston, and the team he is now the proudest of, gave him the role of “leader of this team” to be a role he

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