Trudeau’s Office Provided RCMP with Full Account of Ford’s Convoy Ride

Justin Trudeau accused Doug Ford of ‘hiding’ during convoy protest, documents show

Trudeau told Ford’s security detail that he was not “part of a protest” during Monday’s opposition leader’s convoy ride, documents show.

Ford’s security detail was required to document every word uttered by him and the three riding staff he was accompanied by — all of whom were in the convoy.

The documents, which were provided by Ford’s office to Global News, show that Trudeau’s office provided the RCMP with a full account of the discussion that took place inside the government vehicle.

Trudeau did not speak with Ford or the government driver outside of the vehicle.

“[Trudeau] had been told by the Prime Minister that the protesters were taking up too much of the day’s media time, and that it would be best if he and the Prime Minister stayed in the car and away from the media,” a document from his office revealed.

In their conversations with Trudeau, Ford’s officials told him that Ford was not part of a protest, but spoke to reporters in the media section of the convoy.

The documents obtained by Global News further revealed that Ford spoke to two police officers, at least two RCMP officers and other security personnel prior to the convoy’s arrival at the Parliament Hill security booth.

The documents show that the RCMP asked all of the people in the media section if they were reporters.

“Yes, you are,” one person responded.

“Do you work for Global,” another asked.

“No, that’s the PM,” the protester responded.

“Do you work for Global as a political commentator?” the RCMP officer asked.

“No, that’s me,” the protester responded.

Another RCMP officer tried to get another person to clarify if they were a journalist, asking him, “Yes of course, right? You work for Global. You work for Global as a political commentator.”

When asked if they were reporters, one responder, who said they

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