Transgender People Can Now Identify Their Gender Identity on Social Security Records

Social Security Will Now Allow People to Select Their Gender in Records

In a move many commentators have already hailed as a boon for transgender people, the Social Security Administration on Thursday will begin allowing people to identify their gender choice on their records.

Though there will be no change to the way people pay into Social Security, the change will allow many transgender people who have had to file a new gender on their records to update their gender without much difficulty.

“Starting in May, workers and beneficiaries will be able to select their gender identity on the official record on the initial application for Social Security or on each subsequent application for benefits,” according to the Social Security Administration.

The change, which will take effect on July 27, will make life much easier for transgender people who are unsure of their pronouns, sex, or gender identity.

“The change was developed by the Transgender Law Center in collaboration with the Social Security Administration, and we welcome their decision to bring this important new option to workers and beneficiaries,” said Transgender Law Center co-founder Jack McMichael.

“There are thousands of transgender people living as their opposite sex on the job and in the public and private sectors. Our organization has been meeting with transgender workers for the past year to help them navigate the new rules,” added McMichael, who is also a transgender advocate and a consultant on transgender issues.

On top of the simple updates transgender people make on their Social Security applications, it will make life easier over the long term.

“By making this change, transgender people will not have to re-submit their gender change every year, and this will mean that they will not lose their benefits either,” McMichael said.

“The Social Security Administration is working quickly to make this change live, and we look forward to more information as it becomes available.”


Anonymous said…

In the article, you stated that the rule changes will be more of a long-term. This is exactly the opposite of what they are. It will be a short term hit for a while and then a long-term hit from this. When the change comes, transgender people will have the option to choose a new name and gender on the new card, but that will remain their “true�

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