The UNGA is the only UN forum that can take action

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Ahmadinejad’s “HOPE” Speech at the UN, His Speech to the UN Security Council

At a time when the global economy is in great danger of losing its position of leadership, the UN is the only organization that can be trusted to take it back. The General Assembly (UNGA or General Assembly) is elected annually by all 191 UN Member States.

The General Assembly can take action. The General Assembly has the power to adopt resolutions that can have far-reaching consequences. The UNGA is also the first and only UN forum that can initiate a new process of multilateralism. In doing so, the UNGA can help build democratic consensus in international society.

In order to make the UNGA successful, the General Assembly has to show that it is not just a place for “show.” The General Assembly has to prove to the world that the UN is serious in defending democracy – especially as democracy is under attack.

We must also be aware that the United States is, today, the only country that can stop Iran from advancing toward nuclear power. Since the 1980s, the United States, with its military, has been the only country that the world could depend on to defend against threats to human life, to order, and to security and peace.

However, in the last six years, the State Department has made a series of crucial decisions that have put the world at risk – as a result of which the United States has become increasingly isolated. The United States now needs to find allies in a global world in which other countries have become more dependent on the United States for defense.

President Obama has created space for other countries to become more credible in the international community and has called attention to countries like France, Britain and Japan. We hope that the US State Department will put a lot of new effort into

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