The Ivy Restaurant in New York City

Celebrities are Turning Brooklyn Heights into the ‘Next’ West Village

When you go to a restaurant in New York City, chances are that you will not be disappointed. I once went to a restaurant called Oleg Cassini and walked out with my order. If you think it’s hard to find excellent Chinese food in New York City, wait until you taste a bowl of that dish at Oleg Cassini. They actually have a dish that is like the Chinese version of the Caesar salad. They serve it with sambal chili sauce (which is really the Filipino version of sambal), but I’m pretty sure there’s a version of this dish in the Philippines.

When you arrive at a celebrity event, like the A-List party, like the Oscars, you will also likely be expecting a very good time. While some events may be better known, others may be a little lower down on the celebrity totem pole. Regardless of the event’s standing on the celebrity totem pole, the event will be filled with celebrities.

I visited New York City in the beginning of July, and I had an amazing time. In between attending the A-List and other red carpet events, I walked around and made a few trips to Brooklyn Heights, Lower Manhattan, and the Financial District. I tried just about all the restaurants that existed in and around these areas and had a great time.

I even ventured out to the famous Apple Store to look around the Apple Store and eat lunch. While I was there, I had the privilege of buying an iPad, iPhone, and MacBook Pro. I may be biased, but I do prefer Apple products and I think I bought something that I will really enjoy for the next 7-10 years.

One restaurant that I can recommend to people who go on the red carpet events is The Ivy. They serve a really good eggroll and are the closest thing that I have found in New York City that has a very reasonable price, and they are also

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