The 11 Best Late-Night Composers of All Time

Late-night hosts only have themselves to blame for cancellations, ratings flops and all.

It seems like one of these days the late-night comedy hosts will have to make a choice.

You could either go with one of the new generation of comics, or follow your current stars and hope for the best. After years of one-time laughs and recurring specials to fill a few hours of programming, some hosts have started to look at what’s happened since the era of Carson, Letterman, and the Daily Show.

Not every new cast member is right for late night, but the competition is tough — and the host of the show does have to make a choice every week.

Of course, in order to make a choice, you have to make sure you can live with it. For example, who would want to host The View with the most liberal cast member in the history of the show? Should The Daily Show’s Joe Biden make a late night comedy debut? If so, should he have the first line, too?

Fortunately for fans, there are several people in the entertainment industry whose current status as mid-level comedians isn’t an accident. Many of them are currently putting their comedic skills on display on an HBO comedy special, where they are helping to shape the show of the future.

Topping our list of the best comedy cast members of all time is none other than the late-night host David Letterman. We have interviewed him about the most memorable stand-up specials, his late nights, and the future of his late night. Here are the 11 best late-night comedians of all time.

11) Andy Richter

We’ve talked a bit about The Late Show’s Andy Richter. He is the only late-night host whose current special is on HBO, his best stand-up specials have been on Comedy Central, and he is one of the world’s best comedians. One of the most notable highlights of his career has been his years working with David Letterman, where he has been one of his main writers.

Over the decades, Andy has done some pretty legendary specials, including the best comedy special of all-time, The Best of the Late Show With

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