The Libertarian Candidate for President in 2012

Swalwell campaign spends thousands of dollars on luxury hotels, $90,000 per day

This election, the Democratic and Republican candidates are competing in a field which includes a host of candidates. One of the most interesting is the Libertarian candidate in the race for the White House. He doesn’t have a chance to win, but he is worth mentioning here, because he did a good thing by doing the job himself.

The Libertarian candidate for President in 2012, Carl Romanelli, spent more than $12,000 a day for a month in 2012, running a TV ad campaign to support other Libertarian candidates for office. The campaign was successful, but he may have overestimated the support he received.

When a campaign spends money on advertising, it means it is spending resources on that election, not on other campaigns. But when a candidate spends $12,000 for a month, it is much more than a month worth of campaign spending.

According to the Washington Post, here is a run-by-run summary of how the campaign spent. Notice that Romanelli spent $1,100 for the ad in the month of November 2012, and then he spent $13,500 for the month of December 2012. Here are the campaigns for the other three candidates.

The spending in the ads for Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and Bobby Jindal is as follows: $2,100, $1,400, and $1,200 respectively. The ads were all purchased for less than $500.

Here is the breakdown:

November, 2012

$1,100 – Rick Perry ad (performed at a time when Rick Perry was campaigning to be elected the Governor of Texas)

$13,500 – Bobby Jindal ad (performed when Bobby Jindal was campaigning in the state of Louisiana for the primary election)

$1,400 – Mitt Romney ad (performed when Mitt Romney was campaigning in Washington, DC, in an effort

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