Ghostbusters: The Firehouse

Are you brave enough to sleep in the ‘Ghostbusters’ firehouse this Halloween? The house is closed, so how about just sleeping in the fire?

Devin McClellan

Ghostbusters has never been the easiest movie to get in to. How on earth do you fit in a four-foot-tall ghost? How do you play a game of ‘Ghostbusters’ by candlelight?

You take your normal clothes, throw them on top of the Ghostbusters stuff (what did they have to put out there?), put on this spooky costume and then run away from the house screaming.

The answer to that is “I don’t know.”

But now, I’m going to sleep in the firehouse.

And it’s not just for a trick or two.

Here’s the backstory.

A couple of years after the release of the original “Ghostbusters” in 1984, the building that housed it burned down and the building and everything the Ghostbusters owned was destroyed. There was a big black box that contained the ghostbusters equipment when they made the movie.

The ghostbusters equipment.

But they had to rebuild the equipment and bring the ghostbusters back to life.

In the film it was made clear that they had to be a bit more creative with the movie and they had to come up with a totally different way to solve the movie. The original ghostbusters were not super heroes but science teachers and students, but the new ghostbusters were super heroes.

So they figured out they could create a whole new world. They invented a new reality.

And it involved a ghost.

The ghostbusters now had to travel into this new world as super heroes, which meant they had to build a house out of their own equipment.

It was a tough assignment.

A couple of years prior to the fire, a new super hero had taken the stage at the Ghostbusters headquarters, and it was a big deal.

It was a brand new super hero, which is where the firehouse came in. As a character he was not

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