Trump’s legal troubles are far from over

Trump set to appear for questioning in E. Jean Carroll lawsuit

President Donald Trump is scheduled to appear before two House committees on October 2 to discuss the lawsuit E. Jean Carroll, who was recently forced to quit her high-ranking job, filed against him in federal court last week.

The president’s legal troubles are far from over. He is also facing a lawsuit from his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, over his lying to federal investigators about contacts with Russian officials.

Democrats had subpoenaed General Flynn in a bid to obtain his records of phone calls with Sergei Kislyak, Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. At the same time, they are accusing the Trump administration of withholding documents related to his tenure as Trump’s boss. This has made Flynn a particularly convenient target for Congress, where Democrats hope to obtain information on Trump’s foreign policy decisions.

According to the Washington Post, the subpoenas are one of many that have been issued recently by the House.

Carroll alleges that before she resigned from her senior communications position at the Energy Department in July, she was pressured to meet Trump’s interest in Russian energy during a phone call with him on July 26. She claims she was told the meeting would include “a brief discussion of an ‘energy package’ being offered by the Russian company En-Com.”

But she claims that the proposal never came. The New York Times reported that the Energy Department, in its response to Carroll’s lawsuit, claims that the president “had no such meeting with Ms. Carroll or any other senior official at DOE.”

In his letter, Trump denies having such a meeting with Carroll or any other senior officials.

It’s unlikely Carroll will be able to meet with the president, since the lawsuit claims the president told Carroll that he had no such meeting (and that she was “merely

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