The Democrats’ Midterm Election Strategy Is a Problem

Biden uses abortion as wedge issue in urgent appeal to women before midterms

The Democrats’ midterm election strategy has been to present the GOP as the party most opposed to women, and the only issue on which women support the Democrats is abortion.

The problem for them, it seems, is that a large percentage of women care about other issues, too.

After all, in their strategy, the Democrats seem to forget that women are the party of Planned Parenthood and have done a great job helping women when it comes to affordable health care, making it easier for women to get their contraception, abortion and abortion-closer coverage.

Democrats seem only to be focusing a little bit more on the abortion issue in 2018, and the way that they have been attacking reproductive health care since the 1990s suggests the strategy is working.

While a small percentage of women support the Democratic party, their numbers are growing and they are showing the ability to grow their base.

At the same time, the Republican party is doing the exact opposite. The only reason the Republican base is ever likely to support them is because they keep repeating the same divisive, anti-woman, anti-woman rhetoric.

In other words, the Republican base is not large enough to support the Democrat party. That’s why the Democrats are hoping to use abortion as a wedge issue to make women forget that they are just as much the party of Planned Parenthood as they are the party of women’s rights. In other words, they are hoping that a very small percentage of women want to punish Roe v. Wade, that Planned Parenthood is only doing a good thing and the Democrats can use it to their advantage.

While some of those women may support the Democratic party, there are more of them who want the Republicans to respect women and not try and restrict their rights.

The Democratic strategy would seem to be a sound strategy unless you look at that problem correctly. The Democrats seem not to be focusing on their problem, but instead looking at it as that problem, which they do not even believe is a problem at all.

As long as women are voting for the Democrat party, then they will be voting for Roe v. Wade, and, in a very short time, abortion will be legal in most states.

The only problem with this is that the Republicans

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