Iranian climber arrested after attempting to climb world’s second-highest peak in Iran

Iranian Climber Elnaz Rekabi Is Welcomed by Crowds in Tehran

The first climber with Iranian nationality greeted by crowds at Tehran’s Mehrabad Park, on a day after climbing the world’s second highest peak, Mt Qazvin, in southern Iran. Image: Mohammad Reza Seyfelen/Reuters

TEHRAN- Two young Iranian climbers have climbed Mt Qazvin and an Iranian-Canadian climber has attempted to climb the world’s second highest peak in Iran, both of which happened this week, Iran’s Foreign Ministry said.

Elnaz Rekab was welcomed by crowds in Tehran, after raising a flag as the country’s first Iranian climber, said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Araqchi.

“The visit was a big achievement in view of the current isolation of the Iranian nation. We have done it and we are proud of this,” he told a daily TV program.

The foreign ministry report said the two young climbers, Reza Abaiebeh and Reza Aliabadi, climbed the Qazvin peak on Sunday and were welcomed by people.

However, Seyfelen said the Iranian-Canadian was arrested by the Iranian police.

“The Iranian police came to pick up one of our national climbers and arrested him,” he said. “It appears they arrested him for no reason.”

Iranian police have arrested one of its national climbers after he set out to climb the world’s second-highest peak, Qazvin, in southern Iran.Reza Abaiebeh, 26, told journalists at the Iran-Pakistan border on Sunday that he was arrested by the police just after he left the border after climbing the Mount Qazvin.

“They told me if I don’t stop climbing so I will be arrested,” he said.

The Iranian climber was on a mission to climb Qazvin, which stands 8,957 meters (29,060 ft) above sea level, in southern Iran.

Reza Abaiebeh said the Iranian people are now more enthusiastic toward hiking and climbing than before, adding that the government should give people more encouragement instead of putting

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