Teachers on strike in Haverhill, Mass., walk out of class for 20 minutes

School canceled again in Haverhill as teachers strike continues amid negotiations, court orders, and the threat of layoffs

HAMPTON, Mass.—On Wednesday night, teachers, who are on strike all day, walked out of their classrooms in a fight for higher wages. They walked out after having been ordered by a court to stay home again.

In this time of political and economic turmoil, with the Supreme Court weighing in on the Affordable Care Act and state governments around the country struggling with budgets, the Haverhill Teachers Association is asking its teachers to help create an independent school district and a school without uniforms.

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In the video that was aired by New England Public Radio, one teacher said, “We don’t need a $1.4 million school. We don’t need to start a new district. We don’t need to get rid of a bunch of uniforms. We don’t need to change a lot of things.”

And while, back in Haverhill, the town hall meeting, that was supposed to take place later this evening, was rescheduled for later this weekend, many teachers say that they plan to return on the day of the strike, when they say that they intend to continue their strike until they get their due.

According to the New England Public Radio reporter who was on the air with the teacher who spoke out earlier today, “I just interviewed one of the teachers on strike. She is a high school teacher who made it clear that this is not about a few teachers who are not paid enough, it’s about the millions of teachers across the country who are trying to get a fair deal for what many see as an unfair deal.”

The teacher said to the reporter, “I understand the anger and frustration, but this is not the time to have an educational environment where people are afraid to be able to walk out of class for 20 minutes or an hour. People are getting hurt across the country who want to make

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